Hi, I’m Jason from Australia, here is a picture of my new knuckle tattoos, they were done by Shannon from thinkin ink tattoo studio, from Shepparton, Victoria, I have been thinking of getting give and take for a long time now, I chose give and take because life’s all about give and take.


The lettering is simply AMERICAN, and was done earlier today on the middle row of knuckles. I chose this because I’m a former soldier and proud American. The old school style was chosen almost at random, as it’s easy to read and still looks nice.

My first knuckle tattoo was MMVII, the Roman numeral for the year my wife and I got married (2007).


Hey, im Rania…The story behind my tattoo is obviously my love for retro video games and the fact that im a game design student. Space Invaders was the first game i ve ever made (copied basically) and actually worked and i was pretty excited :D
Tattoo courtesy of W.Inks , Wolverhampton , UK


I’m Dez Aster, Just got my Knuckle Rockers today…

I just had my knuckles tattooed, ART’S DEAD. I’m an artist, and decided I would go for irony. In a way I believe that art is, indeed, dying. Tattoos are my way of always making sure that art will not dissapear, as long I can have it put into my skin. Tattoo was done by Kyle Speraw at Altered Image Tattoo and Body Piercing.