I met Sean outside of one of my favorite coffee shops in Austin. When I asked him about his knuckles this is what he had to say about them.

I got RAGE on right hand. My punching hand. LOVE is on my right, my guitar hand.

I didn’t want the typical love/hate so I went with rage instead. I don’t hate a lot of things but I sure did get angry a lot when I got the knuckles done.


I met Lance at an annual backyard, underground, bare knuckle, Texas Chili Cooking contest. He works at the Swan Dive bar, here in Austin. His story was that he was at a party one time where a girl was sterilizing tattoo needles and asked if anyone wanted a free tattoo. He thought about it for a half hour and got his knuckle tattoos done.

In case you were wondering, I took 2nd in the chili contest.