Tricia loves to read, her knuckles tell me so:

When I was kid I actually got in trouble for reading too much.  One time when my mother grounded me, instead of taking away my toys, she took my books.  To this day, I’m rarely without some form of reading material on my person.  I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to have emblazoned across my knuckles for the whole world to see.  I love the irony of something so badass being so incredibly nerdy.  They still need to be touched up but the sketchy typewriter print is my homage to all the hard work that had to be put in to manually type a manuscript in the past.


Got these knuckles from Heidi Louise a little while back, here is her story:

I got WORM FOOD on my knuckles because..well thats what we are when we die? Yeah. It’s cute. Im really into zombies, and horror movies. Im a tattoo artist at Atomic Tattoos in New Port Richey, FL. My manager Tommy did them for me. If youve seen the cover of prick magazine a couple months ago featuring “Fat Von D“…that’s him. :)



Amy sends us these thoughtful knuckles along with this story:

. . .everyone’s always calling me the ‘sexy school teacher’ or ‘sexy librarian’ . . .soooo, boom, read my knucks bitches!! tee hee, . . . here are a few of the mens’ reactions thus far . . . “The dichotomy between the stereotype of a bookworm and hardcore knuck tattoos is utterly delicious” and “I am a total bibliophile. Throw the book at me and treat me rough you bad bookish girl!” and then there’s “Quite possibly the sexiest tattoo I’ve ever seen. Brilliantly conceived and beautifully implemented. (And the fact that it can say BOO for halloween with the aid of a bandage is icing on the cake)” wow, simma down boys. . . and then on the other end of the spectrum there’s the women who are inviting me to join book clubs. . . . i find all of this utterly amusing. . . . (thanks Branden for the kick ass font you drew up for me and i love love love the little white dot/accents . . . it makes me feel like i have little encyclopedias on my digits =) you can find him at 1LifeTattoo, brainerd, mn)