Tonight I saw Thee Oh Sees destroy the Beerland patio. I had to stand on the patio fence in order to shoot pictures. Dangerous, dangerous! 

After the set I talked to Petey Damnit from the band and got these pictures of his knuckles. If you get a chance to catch this band live, don’t miss out.

Don’t miss ’em, you will thank me.

UPDATE: Here are my pictures from the show: 



Iggy sends us this set of knuckle tattoos:

Oi names iggy  , my knuckle tats read Stay True , Pretty much meaning Stay Proud Stay Punk Stay True , now im only 24 so i obviously wasnt around for when punk was punk but thats the punk i like eh , so i got this done because the spirit of 77 is alive and well in lots of us workin class boys despite all these scenesters n hipsters shape shiftin what punk is this way n that , the one on top my left hand is The Crown and the down the top piece of the crown represents the yuppies in the world the lines just below represent the upper middle class tryin to git rich and the barb wire seperates the yups from the arrows below which show the workin and lower class the arrows show the rise of us growing n growing and they point to true on me cause im proud to be a workin class and minamilist by choice , no need for greed.

Stay Proud Stay Punk Stay True.



David Beil sends us these hands from Norway:

Here is a knuckle tattoo from Norway. It is done by Birdie from personal art tattoo.
For me TRUE LOVE stands for the love that Jesus has for all of us.
But also the love between my wife and i.
For me it stands also for the love we need to have for each other in this world, in your own family and for your friends!

God bless knuckle brothers

God bless the knuckle brothers all over the world, my friend.


True Gent Pure Grim

These double deckers were sent in by Giac Szwarc, a tattooist in Wolverhampton, U.K.:

I had been contemplating what to get on my knuckles for ages and i wanted something todo with my tattooing incorporated into it. then the night before i was talking about it to my girlfriend and she suggested these words because they’re the best way to describe me for her and my left hand contains a shorthand version of my alias. My friend Scott was supposed to do these for me the following afternoon and in return i was supposed to neaten out some lines on his. he didnt turn up and because i was so stoked for them to be done i ended up doing them myself, as can be seen on some lines.


Jon from Phoenix, AZ writes:

I got my knuckles done by Sam at Artistic Skin Studios in Mesa. I got TRUE LOVE on my knuckles because I was moving to Chicago to try and apprentice to be an artist out there. All of my best friends live in AZ, so I wouldn’t really be able to see them a lot when I left. My best friend Cassie bought me my knuckles as a going away present. I really do love her, she has always been there for me. So everytime I look at my knuckles, no matter where life takes me, I think about her and all of my friends. Thats my story and Im stickin to it………..