My name is Daniel Golden-Perez, I’m 20 years of age and I’ve had the words, “True Love” On my knuckles for a couple months now. There are only 2 reasons behind why I chose this, number one being an inspirational man to me by the name of Dallas Green, of the band city and colour, his music moved me forward through hardships and let me know and feel that I wasn’t alone and it really helped me get by, needless to say he has the same tattoo on his knuckles. Reason two is because I feel that I’ve simply felt true love before, and I loved every second and I will never forget it, so in a way it tells me that I was one of the lucky ones, fortunate to feel love, and then I just think about how many other people in the world are searching for love, and how grateful I am to have experienced it.


Crissa La-Lynn sends us these digits:

I don’t really have a huge amazing story for getting these tattoos. I know a lot of people either get “love hate” “stay true” but stay true actually means something to me. I feel its important to always stay true to yourself cause in the end you are the only one you have.


Damon V. of Bozeman, MT sends us:

I got “TRUE LOVE” a few years back when my daughter started living with me full time,to me the love for your child is true love.  The tattoo was done by Gordon Snyder @ S.I.C. Tattoos in Bozeman (now Butte) MT.


Jesse Bink is a bad ass mofo. His knuckles and his reasons:

hey man, im Jesse Bink, i’m a tattoo’er from NYC, and my HOLD TRUE knuckle tattoo’s are based on a feeling i have that you should hold true to your convictions whatever they may be, mine being Straight-Edge… the small staggered knuckle set was a dare by a good friend of mine after calling me out on a “i will get paramore knuckle tattoo’s i love that band so much.”…. so i cant back out of a “you wont” challenge… hence, paramore knuckles… i DO love me some paramore though… dont like it? fight me.