Sunshine in Brooklyn, NY sends us this lovely cupcake. Her story:

i got my first knuckle tat as a gift for myself when i got hired for my first ‘head baker’ job. since then i’ve worked for 2 of THE best pastry chefs in the country and i am working on my own company called cakes4rockstars. when i took on a partner she got her first knuckle tattoo to commemorate it. we both plan on getting new knuckle tattoos every few months in the theme of candy and confections. we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks Sunshine, we are all looking forward to seeing your next one!

Three Bars

Three Bars

Jamie’s knuckles, at Sam Bond’s Garage in Eugene, Oregon, courtesy of sweet Miss Jenn.

“Its from an old system of hobo symbols. Whenever a hobo would get to a new town they would leave messages for other tramps about the quirks of that perticular town. Like “the cops here will try and kill you” or “the old lady who lives here will give you food” this one means “this is a good place to rest” which is what i needed at the point in my life when i got them. It’s also the meteorological symbol for mist… go figure.
–jamie “

SEAN ♥♠♦♣

Tonight I worked at the Texas Rollergirls bout, and the half time show was none other than Charlie Horse out of Los Angeles, CA. They totally rocked their half time set. The first set of knuckles I got were from the lead singer, Sean Wheeler, who you may also recognize from Throw Rag. They were busy tearing down, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to him after the set. Maybe down the road I can catch up to him again. Keep rocking hard man!