These knuckles come all the way from Denmark from Johni S:

Story Behind:

Well i really wanted to tattoo my knuckles since i already have lots of stuff done, it only felt natural to make this step.
I wondered what to get and fell over this quote:

Stay Gold; Not conforming to what society dictates, but in a sense marching to the beat of your own drum.

Which fits perfectly to me, and how i live my life.

Johni Simonsen, 21, Denmark




These knuckles come all the way from Natalia in Costa Rica. I don’t know what she is saying, but I’m pretty sure it is awesome:

my name is natalia, from costa rica! ;) y me tatué stay calm, porque soy impaciente, estresada y me altero por todo, aun teniendolo tatuado, i just cant stay calm ;) pero voy progresando hahahaha….
oh and a diamond. made my alejandro cole, at stattoos tattoo, san pedro, costa rica ♥

UPDATE: Since several people ponited me towards google translate, I’ve gone ahead and added the rough English translation: 

my name is natalia, from Costa Rica! ;) Tatu and I stay calm, because I am anxious, stressed and altered by me throughout, even keeping a tattoo, i just cannot stay calm;) hahahaha … but I make progress. 
oh and a diamond. made by alejandro cole, at stattoos tattoo, San Pedro, Costa Rica ♥


Iggy sends us this set of knuckle tattoos:

Oi names iggy  , my knuckle tats read Stay True , Pretty much meaning Stay Proud Stay Punk Stay True , now im only 24 so i obviously wasnt around for when punk was punk but thats the punk i like eh , so i got this done because the spirit of 77 is alive and well in lots of us workin class boys despite all these scenesters n hipsters shape shiftin what punk is this way n that , the one on top my left hand is The Crown and the down the top piece of the crown represents the yuppies in the world the lines just below represent the upper middle class tryin to git rich and the barb wire seperates the yups from the arrows below which show the workin and lower class the arrows show the rise of us growing n growing and they point to true on me cause im proud to be a workin class and minamilist by choice , no need for greed.

Stay Proud Stay Punk Stay True.



Got these in a while ago from Nivek the artist who tattooed them:

Done on Ryan, a human douche bag, and zombie lover.

He’s been to the cemetery that was used In the 1968 Night of the Living Dead…

Done by some other douche bag tattoo artist… “Nivek” @ Kitchener Tattoo.. in Kitchener, ON


These were sent in by Jake Tong, tattoo artist. His story:

Hi – my name is Jake – I have a website I am a tattooist/artist/professional jerk. Made popular from Robert Frost excerpt in the movie/book “The Outsiders” , I got STAY GOLD on my knuckles for a few reasons- A. To me stay gold kinda means stay young as long as you can. B. Kinda was a way for me to say “I’m set in my career”. I’m also stoked ’cause they were done by Bob Creepy, who was my mentor. I owe a lot to the dude.


STAY DOWN has always been one of my favorite knuckle tattoo ideas. And here it is on the hands of Turk V. Dayton, Ohio:

This is my knuckle tattoo. They need to be touched up since they are a few years old but they are mine and I love them. The story is that I was a bouncer/head of security for multiple clubs and bars for 13 years. Fighting has always been a part of my life and now I am training to fight MMA.