Natalie S. sends these knuckles in, with this story:

Chad Koeplinger did this tattoo for me, he’s a Michigan native and totally related to my love, as an Illinois native and Chicago resident, for the mid west. My husband and I talked a lot about ideas for mid west tattoos, he ended up with a logo from his favorite skate shop in Flint, his hometown and I decided an ear of corn on my finger would be the idea tribute. I’ve been all over, and liked a lot of places on the east coast I visited, but nothing compares to being back home where every one’s fat, the politicians are all corrupt and the football’s always great.


This set of knuckle tattoos comes direct from Tristan W. who says:

i’m currently in Rochester, NY but born and bred in the midwest. nothing but flatlands and cornfields. this ink reminds me that even though i’ve been on the east coast for a decade, my roots are in the middle west. it’s a comfort knowing that even though i won’t be going home, home is always with me.