Hello, my name is Chad. I am 24 from pittsburgh pa. My knuckles say WYNN LUCK.

I know Carry Hart has the same concept. I have always been very close to my grandparents. Every time something bad or unfortunate happens in our family we always say, well thats the Wynn luck. I’ve wanted my knuckles done for years, and one night while visiting my grandparents we were talking about their string of bad luck and the Wynn luck was mentioned. At that moment I decided I was gunna get Wynn luck tattooed on my knuckles. I stepped outside and called my artist who said he could fit me in that night. I asked my grandparents if they were going to be up for a while and they told me, yeah why? I told them i was going to get Wynn luck tattooed on my knuckles.  They both laughed thinking I was joking.  Sure enough three hours later I returned with it done. This tattoo means the most to me out of all of mine because it will always remind me of my grandparents. Ive been through alot of stuff through out my life with them and it will always bring back all the great memories. I consider my grandfather my best friend. He was just the best man in my wedding this past october. I moved 40 miles away from them to be with my wife and it’s nice to see the tattoo everyday and know they will always be with me.


Thanks for reading my story behind my knuckles.


Chad Wynn


Luck be a lady tonight! Nikita N. sends us this photo and her story:

I am a tattooist from N.Ireland, so getting my fingers tattooed wasn’t that big of a step for me. It was however – Painful!
The idea of text came from my love of old school tattoo concepts i.e. The lady luck, mans ruin etc.
Also, many people I know say I am their ‘Little lady luck’, because the things I want to happen generally come to me quite easily. Although, i’m not sure if thats luck or just sheer hard work – You choose. =]


I’ll let Vash tell the story:

My Name is Vash and I live in Portland, Oregon. When I turned 35, I realized that I am settled into my career (Kitchen Manager/Head Cook) and comfortable with my place (both philosophically and geographically) in the world. Since tattoos don’t negatively affect my earning potential, I decided it was time to cross both the northern (Neck) and southern (below the wrists) “Carney Lines”. So in February of 2010 I strolled into Anatomy Tattoo (my regular shop) here in Portland to have Adam Jelinski (my regular artist) put the only thing I’ve ever been able to envision putting on my knuckles: GOOD LUCK

I chose good luck for a few reasons:

1) It’s a positive statement and a well wish.
2) It can also be read sarcastically as a bit of a threat, which is fun.
3) I’ve almost NEVER seen those words on someones knuckles.

HARD LUCK just doesn’t suit me, but as a second generation Irish American, GOOD LUCK sure has.

-Vash (rhymes with cash)



Today’s knuckles come from Jarod Bass:

It’s been a rough year. My wife got Cancer and if that didn’t create enough doctor bills, I then proceeded to get crushed by a car on my motorcycle. So one of my final days of putting my bike back together I woke up, tagged the bike and then immediately went to the tattoo shop to tag my knuckles. Spur of the moment as hell.
Also, wife beat the cancer, and I’m back to walking and riding again!! Can’t hold us down!



Rich S. sends us these knuckles:

I got this tattoo after serving a year in jail for drunk driving. I got hard luck because of the situation and the circumstances pertain to my incarceration. Life’s a bitch and I have HARD LUCK.

I had just got out of jail and it was the first time i had drank in a few months so it just seemed appropiate. Ya know i drove down the wrong road at the wrong time. I have always said too that i have had hard luck. I always seem to learn the hard way so i guess it just fit for me.