Leah P. sends us these knuckles and the note:

ONE LOVE on my knuckles
Story Behind It: Chose this saying as a tribute to one of my alltime favorite artist Bob Marley.
The Red, green, and gold are rasta colors. Bob Marley has always been a big influence in my music tastes and my life.



This one goes out to my pals in the Austin Facial Hair Club. Although I can not grow a beard of my own, it is important to support those who can. Lauren Ray of Pensacola, FL sends us these knuckle tattoos:

i got this tattoo because well, i LOVE beards. Everyone knows it, so i decided to truly show how much i do by getting it tattooed on my knuckles. The thumbs were a last minute idea and i love them. Tattoo courtesy of 3 Saints Tattoos, Pensacola, FL.




Tonight I saw Thee Oh Sees destroy the Beerland patio. I had to stand on the patio fence in order to shoot pictures. Dangerous, dangerous! 

After the set I talked to Petey Damnit from the band and got these pictures of his knuckles. If you get a chance to catch this band live, don’t miss out.

Don’t miss ’em, you will thank me.

UPDATE: Here are my pictures from the show:



Frederic Bujold from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec sends us these knuckles:

im a great fan of mike ness and all my life i feel pain after love of course …lol

love is pain

so i make this tattoo but bigger than mike cause im younger and the big tattoos is better than small

Tattooed by Marc Dumas at X9 Clothes and Tattoo in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada


Jessica from Virginia sends us these knuckle tattoos:

i had always wanted my knuckles done since i started getting tattoos…i figured now that i work as a piercer in a tattoo shop now would be the best time to get them

i wanted love then lust just seemed to be the perfect opposite i guess