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Travis Bennett sends us these knuckle tattoos:

I got these tattoos because I am a Chef and that is what I will always strive for no matter were I work or who I cook for: GOOD FOOD!! I got the egg and pig because of old childhood memories of eggs and bacon in the morning, plus those are my 2 fav things to work with.


I’ll let Vash tell the story:

My Name is Vash and I live in Portland, Oregon. When I turned 35, I realized that I am settled into my career (Kitchen Manager/Head Cook) and comfortable with my place (both philosophically and geographically) in the world. Since tattoos don’t negatively affect my earning potential, I decided it was time to cross both the northern (Neck) and southern (below the wrists) “Carney Lines”. So in February of 2010 I strolled into Anatomy Tattoo (my regular shop) here in Portland to have Adam Jelinski (my regular artist) put the only thing I’ve ever been able to envision putting on my knuckles: GOOD LUCK

I chose good luck for a few reasons:

1) It’s a positive statement and a well wish.
2) It can also be read sarcastically as a bit of a threat, which is fun.
3) I’ve almost NEVER seen those words on someones knuckles.

HARD LUCK just doesn’t suit me, but as a second generation Irish American, GOOD LUCK sure has.

-Vash (rhymes with cash)



These knuckles come straight out of my hometown, Austin, TX on the hands of Adam H. Here is the reason behind them:

I picked good and evil, because i consider myself a little bit of both, i didn’t want my wedding ring to be on my evil hand, but i decided fuck it, its just a tattoo right?
I also discovered i could make “god” and “devil” out of the letters, and i thought that was badass too.

They were applied by Mike Iacono from the Pirate Galley Tattoo Shop in sunny Round Rock, TX.