Paul Lynch of Halifax, England sends us these lovelies and his story to follow:

Just thought id just send in my New Tattoo. Speakes for its self really with what it is but the reason i got it is obviously i love films, but more so evil dead is like a childhood memory. i saw the side of The VHS at my aunties house when i was about 8 an straight away the font of the title drew me in, i took it out an saw the front cover an straight away thought “Woah i gotta see this!”, i know 8 years old is a bit young to be lendin your nephew 18 rated horror movies but shes a cool auntie like that! so yeah, thats the reason. its was the first film that really fuckin grabbed my balls! (my small balls at that time :) and really made me get into films. Cheers.


J T sends us these knuckles and a story to match:

Hey there. Just wanted to add some more to your site. I think its an awesome idea for sure.

My short little story behind is that I am not evil at all… or am I? Been athiest since I was a young kid and always loved making fun of organized religion. :)
I actually thought of it when I was listening to the song “Trouble” from Elvis.


These beauties were sent in by my brother. They are on the hands of his frend Emcee.

UPDATE: Emcee just sent me his story, and it is a good one:

All my life I have grown up with horror movies.  My mother was a huge fan from jump and that set me and my brother up for a fun ride. My dad always hated it but I felt it gave us both a better sense of humor and a generally more sturdy demeanor. It helped shape us into the smart little devils we are all the while giving me something to laugh at in my spare time.  So I LOVE horror movies they make me happy when nothing else can, they transport me to a place where life is meaningless, jokes are obvious, and death is “original” something I cherish in the current state of things.  That being said, the “Evil Dead” trilogy is my favorite horror movie good time series. If I got some gasoline and my boomstick life is groovy.
Dead by dawn,



These knuckles come straight out of my hometown, Austin, TX on the hands of Adam H. Here is the reason behind them:

I picked good and evil, because i consider myself a little bit of both, i didn’t want my wedding ring to be on my evil hand, but i decided fuck it, its just a tattoo right?
I also discovered i could make “god” and “devil” out of the letters, and i thought that was badass too.

They were applied by Mike Iacono from the Pirate Galley Tattoo Shop in sunny Round Rock, TX.


Ray from Austin tells us that he reversed the traditional GOOD and EVIL because “You always fuck up and have to kiss up later.” He also told me about getting them done. He worked at a restaurant as a cook and was told no tattoos visible at work. He eventually was made manager and went to get these knuckle tattoos done that day. He worked there until they had to close the Austin location.