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Hey guys! I’m tiffany,  I love your page and had to send mine in as soon as I got a decent pic.  Here’s my picture and the story behind em.

Someone near and dear to me started calling me dollface years ago and it just stuck. I adore being called Dollface and after soem thought I figured it was dainty enough to be tattooed on my knuckles. My favorite part of it is the girly skull, my artist knows how feminine I am and even gave her a little bow, every time I look at my hands I can’t help but smile!




A lady known only (to me) as “plasticisfantastic” sends her knuckles and this story:

Got the words “Baby Doll” on my knuckles a couple of days ago! I got this tattoo because everyone tells me I look so innocent all the time and I look just like a baby doll! So the nickname just eventually caught on to me.


Here’s a set of knuckles from a derby girl, Miss Dollface DeVille:

I’ve wanted my knuckles done for such a long time. I work in a tattoo shop in Northern Alberta, Canada and one day I spontaneously decided to offer up my hands to one of the artists.
I’m a 26 year old mom of 2.
Dollface DeVille is my roller derby name. If you don’t know much about derby, all skaters develop an alter ego or alias that they go by. Most of my skater friends know me as Dollface and rarely call me by my actual name which is Jen, by the way.
After 4 years of being known as “dollface” I figured it was time to make it eternally so.
I love my newest and most visible tattoo and I’ve gained some extra street cred from my derby girls!



These come courtesy of Emily H:

Doll Face was Inked on by Mr Rossi. I chose doll face as although it’s not completely original lots of my friends/family liken my face to a china dolly – its a term of endearment and I want to be able to always look down at my hands and remember when I was a Doll face, looks fade people change, i will age but hopefully i will always remember everyone i was special too that ever called me doll face when i look at my knuckles.