I met Lance at an annual backyard, underground, bare knuckle, Texas Chili Cooking contest. He works at the Swan Dive bar, here in Austin. His story was that he was at a party one time where a girl was sterilizing tattoo needles and asked if anyone wanted a free tattoo. He thought about it for a half hour and got his knuckle tattoos done.

In case you were wondering, I took 2nd in the chili contest.


Miles from Camrose, Alberta, Canada sends us these knuckle tattoos:

I got cake on my left hand to cover up the foolish tattoo i got when i was married. The K is from my ex. After realising that it wasnt working out i had to get rid of it or get something else, My brother thought of using CAKE and his reasoning was that everyone likes cake. I thought it was a pretty good idea. Im in the process of getting LIFE on my right hand and IS on my thumbs. i’ll send in pics when its done and i think i mght poach an idea from your site and go with the pacman theme on my lower knuckles.

Tattooed by Rex at Fatbaby Custom Tattoo

UPDATE 8/16/2012: Miles sent in his complete knuckle tattoos:

Hey it’s miles again. I sent in my left hand awhile back.  I got my second stage finally done on my knuckles. Thought I would send ya a pic. I got the new ones done at Ink Addiction in Saskatoon. If you want a better pic let me know.


Max Halls sends us these delicious knuckles:

I run a ladies tea club and we meet on a regular basis to bake, knit, gossip, drink tea.  Most of us have children and are very busy (I have 3 kids and run a business from home) so when we can get together its a really special time.  The tattoo reminds me of my lovely ladies and of course, my favourite thing, cake.


My name name is Aedan Wolton, I’m from the UK. I got this tattoo March 2009 at Vibes Tattoo, Amsterdam, NL.

I was originally going for ‘Hold Fast’ but our trip was pretty messy and I was soon persuaded otherwise by the boys. I’m glad I was! It’s always a conversation starter and never fails to make people laugh. There are no finer things in the world than Love & Cake (apart from Sex & Chocolate, but I don’t have enough fingers).