A lady known only (to me) as “plasticisfantastic” sends her knuckles and this story:

Got the words “Baby Doll” on my knuckles a couple of days ago! I got this tattoo because everyone tells me I look so innocent all the time and I look just like a baby doll! So the nickname just eventually caught on to me.



Britt C. sends us these lovelies

The Story:

Babydoll is a nickname that I got during my apprenticeship, it just kind of stuck with me, so I thought it would look good on my knuckles.

The Artist: John Marshall @ Automatic Robot Tattoo Bakersfield, Ca



Tiffany L. sends us these knuckles and the story below:

I got my knuckles tattooed on Aug. 28, 2007. I got “baby girl” because I had a dog that I called baby girl who was like a child to me who passed, also because my dad always calls me baby girl, and has since I was little. I got them done at Underground Artworks in Edwardsville, IL by Eric Beard.


Great find today! John T. of New York sends in this thorough set of knuckle tattoos. Pictures with his comments interspaced below:

In the first picture are my initials J & T on my pinkies,and some lucky charms.

The second picture is BABY LOVE, this started as a goof thing I used to say to my wife but the more I said it the more it stuck.

The third picture is my 6 & 5 which is my birth year along with 2 daggers.

The fourth picture is all of my hand tattoos the kanji are Pity on the right and Vengeance on the left.

All the tattoos were done by CIV at Lotus Tattoo in Sayville, New York.

Hey John, those are really great thanks for sending them in! And man that Lotus Tattoo site is really great. Check it out!