My names Rob I’m from Massachusetts I have the words “Stay Away” on my knuckles. I chose these words cuz I’m not a people person and being in a band I have to deal with a lot if people so I got stay away just to let everyone know your just better off staying away from me we may not be enemies but we can’t be friends


I have CAST AWAY on my knuckles. The story behind it for me has two meanings, One is the saying to “Put Away Your Worries” and the other meaning behind it has to do with me always ending up being alone. Even though I know people are around me, I always feel alone and through past experiences I have to keep my self there to ever make it in this world. First thing you learn out there is that you have to make it in this world alone. Number one rule out in the streets and just in plain life.
I’ve been thinking about adding to get the “double decker” style saying Your Fear, Which will have a third, self explanatory meaning. Take care from Brandyn McKnight, Costa Mesa/LA/Irvine, CA
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My name is Michael Gaudette and I have always wanted knuckle tattoos since a young child. I struggled with what I wanted. I totally ignored an eight letter, two-word phrase I always would think about…”sail away”. The thought of sailing away somewhere unknown is such a peaceful thing to me. One day I popped into my head, why not sail away. And it was as simple as that.