My name is Dave Bireley & I’m 48. I had wanted knuckle tattoos for quite awhile but as with any other tattoo I’ve ever gotten I’d know when the time was right & the phrase would be appropriate for me. I chose LIV4 2DAY as an inspirational reminder to make the most of each day I have. We never know which day will be our last. Over the years & very suddenly I’ve lost quite a few loved ones that were close to me. A Brother, best friend, dogs etcetera. The other reason I went with this phrase is to remind me that during good or tough times I need to remain thankful for each day.



Don Nux shows us that sweet, sweet knuckle tattoos aren’t just for kids any more, anyone who is dedicated enough can express their passion on their hands:

Here’s a pic of my knuckle tats. They are about 4-6 months old. The meaning (RIG4 DIVE) is to rig the ship for diving, a term heard on board a submarine while surfaced, but getting ready to go deep. Yeah, I was a submarine sailor.

EYE 4 an EYE

These fresh knuckles can be found on the hands of Rene R. and here is the story behind ’em:

I had my knucks done 5-13-08 by Dave Brewer @ Trigger Happy Tattoo.. my names RENE and im an INKAHOLIC ;) im > 40 years young and live in whittier SO CAL.. EYE 4 AN EYE “what goes around comes around” you know the old saying ;)