Dixie King says:

I have been sideshow obsessed for years now and was really excited to get this. The biggest problem was I am an elementary school teacher (art at least, so they expect me to be a bit odd) and knuckle tattoos are not generally excepted in that setting. My wonderful artist, Jorge Moreno (Trinity Tattoo Longwood, FL) offered to do ’em in UV ink so i could still have ’em and keep my job. I am so happy with them!


And here is Dan’s story:

Here is my knuckle ink, I just got it done about 5 hours ago. Wanted to submit it to your website. I have always like the line, “fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom” (proverbs 9:10) I’m an ordained reverend, so I found it fitting.

Dan Hill


J T sends us these knuckles and a story to match:

Hey there. Just wanted to add some more to your site. I think its an awesome idea for sure.

My short little story behind is that I am not evil at all… or am I? Been athiest since I was a young kid and always loved making fun of organized religion. :)
I actually thought of it when I was listening to the song “Trouble” from Elvis.


Ummm… Yep, we got a funny one here:

My name is Jeff Cotter and the story behind me getting mine done is that Im a 28 year old man who recently moved 2500km for work and has changed careers from office worker to mine worker. I wanted to get something funny as most of the knuckle tatt’s I’ve seen are way to serious… I did it for the lulz.

Pac Man

Oh my God. Every once in a while something comes along that just reminds you of how great what you are doing is. This is a pure and perfect example. Jared P. sends us these knuckles and reminds us how important it is to keep this site going. Thank you so much for sending them in. Here is his story:

These are loved by everyone who sees em. I got em 3 years ago, and they need to be redone. I was told that the color would be hard to keep. I went with the pixelated Ms. PacMan on my ring finger so we could get married ♡!
The heart is from the end of Act 1 on Ms. Pacman when she meets Pacman and finds the heart…. thats why Pacman is on my index finger facing the heart. My pinky is a Pretzel also from Ms. Pacman. I went with the Pretzel instead of cherries or strawberries cause it didn’t seem to fit in with the other food Ms. Pacman eats… kinda like I don’t fit in with other people. And on my right hand are the ghosts. I have Inky, Pinky, Stinky, and Sue. One is the scared variation. For the most part everybody with Knucks tattooed is trying to say something. I couldn’t sum up what I wanted to say in 8 letters for the rest of my life… but I was ready to get my knuckles done, and didn’t want words. I guess I’m saying I love old school video games… and that I grew up in the 80’s. I wanted them to be pixelated to look original.