Dallas Gobble sends these knuckles in:

I’ve seen these words on knuckles before but it just fit who I wanted to be. I was always a negative “HALF EMPTY” type of person. I was an alcoholic with nothing going for me. I met a girl (my wife now) who always told me to stop being so negative. So, to help me remember to think positive and to always think of the better outcomes that could happen, I got HALF FULL on my knuckles. Now no matter what happens I just think “hey, the glass is always HALF FULL”. Life has been better ever since.


Luke Jones sends us this set of knuckle tattoos and the story:

The meaning to me is that as an individual we always ‘rise’ and ‘fall’, life’s full of up and downs. It reminds me not to think of the downs, and not to concentrate too much on the future, just enjoy life as it comes.


Steven Garret sends us these fabulous knuckle tattoos and his story:

I picked ‘KATE MOSS’ to get on my knuckles because I couldn’t think of anything that lots of people didn’t already have. I didn’t want ‘GAME OVER’ or ‘LOVE HATE’ or any of that stuff and being the dedicated gay-fan of Kate Moss that I am I went with her name. I think she is classic and a lot of her choices in life have been seen as bad, so I thought it was the perfect name to get on my knuckles.


Hello, my name is Natasha. I chose ‘Body’ and ‘Soul’ because I have always struggled with allowing the two to become one. It’s a reminder to me everyday that that is what I am working toward; one day, I will be able to give someone my ‘Body’ and my ‘Soul’.


Ira R. sends us a set of knuckles on his knuckles!

I’ve always wanted my knuckles tattooed. I think it’s so funny the juxtaposition of my very non-hardcore personality and the connotation that knuckle tattoos conjure. I am a writer and have been working on a story for awhile now where the main characters name is…yep you guessed it “Knuckles” PLUS knuckles is 8 letters long as well as slightly tongue and cheek…don’tcha think?


Names Goober.. I was trying to think of something funny that no one else had ever had or I have ever seen . Im always hearing peolle say there gonna give someone a knuckle sandwhich so I thought how funny would it be to put an actually ham and swiss cheese sandwhich on my knuckles.. And here you go..

Jason Widger

H-D Instructor

I had to include the close up too: