Christofer sends us this set of knuckles all the way from Sweden:

I picked Rise & Fall because it represent & remind me of life and its ups & downs.
Vänner & Familj means Familiy & Friends in swedish.
And to top it of a Ruby on the engagement finger.



Kalina  sends us these awesome double deckers:

I had been wanting to get something on my knuckles for some time now, but never really knew what to get. So I began thinking of things I would want. I also knew I wanted to get a Hopeless Romantic tattoo on me somewhere, because that is pretty much me in a nutshell. Honestly I am pretty sure The Notebook is my favorite movie…. I was so excited when I realize that it would fit perfectly on my knuckles, So I found the font I wanted and put a skull with a bow in with the Hopeless and a heart with crossbones in with the romantic. Kinda ties it all in together and if you just look at that finger, I like to think it says toxic love….



Alan Mandic sends us these knuckles with the following story:

I recently and finally got my knuckles tattooed.  I have been wanting them for a year now, and finally settled on what I wanted about 6 months ago.  I had them done at Tattoo Mark’s Studio I in Souderton PA, by Frankie G. and Lowercase J (From Studio II). I figured if I was getting both hands done, why not at the sametime?  Whenever anyone asks what hurt the worst, I can’t say.  When one hand was being hurt so was the other, so I couldn’t focus on it, ha. 

I got Fear Hope because I often find myself stuck in the same old rut in life.  It means that you shouldn’t sit around hoping things will happen, you have to go out and make them happen.  So Fear Hope.  I have plans to add on already, maybe a ME under FEAR just for fun. 

Here is a pic of the double team:



Pablo Escobar sends us this set of knuckles:

I got my knuckles done at Elite Piercing and Tattoo Shop in Modesto, CA.  Mind Food to me encompasses my passion: gaining knowledge.  I chose the phrase and location because I wanted to make a bold “in your face no looking back” statement that sums me up.  I’m a psychology major going on to medical school, and “mind” represents not just the brain as an organ, but the abstract concepts of the mind–faith, knowledge, behavior, morality, philoshophy, etc.  One shoud always be gaining knowledge; always be questionning everything around you, reflecting inward and reading as much as possible to understand the world.



Adam serves in the air force, stationed in Germany and he has this to say about his knuckles:

This is my wedding date. 09-25-04 (the ink for the 04 bleed a little) when i was stationed in korea i would send pics to my wife and she would always ask me why was i not wearing my ring (i am a mechanic on F-16’s, we can’t wear jewelry) so i decided i will get one tattoo’d i always seen people get the ring but i wanted something different. my buddy did for me. not to mention i will never forget my anniversary.



Today’s knuckles come from Jarod Bass:

It’s been a rough year. My wife got Cancer and if that didn’t create enough doctor bills, I then proceeded to get crushed by a car on my motorcycle. So one of my final days of putting my bike back together I woke up, tagged the bike and then immediately went to the tattoo shop to tag my knuckles. Spur of the moment as hell.
Also, wife beat the cancer, and I’m back to walking and riding again!! Can’t hold us down!