Ah, two years into the Knuckle Tattoo project and finally someone has sent in a set of knuckles that read ROCK and ROLL. I feel like I’ve finally arrived.

J.D. Milligan, the frontman of the Anti Saints sends these in:

this tattoo was done sometime last month (august 08′) at screaming skulls parlor in Gravesend, England i never caught the tattooists name.

ever since i was a kid i’ve been listening to rock n roll i was brought up on pretty boy floyd,rose tattoo,motley crue you get the drift, i was always destined to stand out in the crowd which i must say i do quite successfully. i was talking to someone about my lifestyle and just blurted out “rock n roll isn’t just a genre of music, or a lifestyle it’s a f’n blood type” it was then i knew i HAD to get this tattoo, so on a whim i just jumped down and got these bad boys done. enjoy!


Richard Blackman of Shud Up ‘n’ Train in Dallas, Texas sends us these knuckle tattoos and his story:

The story behind it is that I’m a fitness trainer and everything I do goes against the grain, from diet to how I exercise, it’s the same in life too, I don’t do it on purpose life just ends up that way, so all my life I’ve had people look at me as extreme especially when they see my feats of strength, well, I struggled to accept that label in the beginning but now I’m taking it and running with it with all I got and I’m not going to hold myself back anymore from being me!….so I’m stepping up my game in everything I do and going “HARDCORE” and I had the tatts done as a constant reminder of what and who I am.


These knuckles come courtesy of Tiina K. of Finland. Here is her story:

I had dreamed about knuckletattoos for quite long, but I had so many options and didn’t really know which one to choose. Suddendly my depression got a bit worse and I went through a difficult process with getting to know myself. I’ve always been a social and loud girl, and talked alot. Yet I noticed a change in me, I had become very shy. I took words “Live loud” to remind me of being proud and brave, and leaving behind that quiet mouse I was. I chose this font cos I’m a huge fan of oldschool tattoos and especially sailor tattoos. That’s why I chose anchors for my thumbs also.
They were done by Hexa666 (

And here are her thumbs:


Jessica from Virginia sends us these knuckle tattoos:

i had always wanted my knuckles done since i started getting tattoos…i figured now that i work as a piercer in a tattoo shop now would be the best time to get them

i wanted love then lust just seemed to be the perfect opposite i guess


Ross Lapin sends us his knuckles with his story:

This tat confuses a lot of people because its 3 words, “NOT MY OWN” its pretty funny when people try to pronounce it as one word.

I was a little worried about a knuckle tat cause of job limitations, but whatever.

The significance is 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 it says “19:Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20:you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”

Done by Cliff Willoughby of New Addiction Tattoos in Marietta, Ga. 9-6-08


Got these knuckles from Heidi Louise a little while back, here is her story:

I got WORM FOOD on my knuckles because..well thats what we are when we die? Yeah. It’s cute. Im really into zombies, and horror movies. Im a tattoo artist at Atomic Tattoos in New Port Richey, FL. My manager Tommy did them for me. If youve seen the cover of prick magazine a couple months ago featuring “Fat Von D“…that’s him. :)