4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Sink or Swim?

Devon G. of Long Island, New York presents these knuckles and a killer story:

As i was growing up, and even still now, i have been fortunate enough to bear witness to the duality of all things. i have watched people rise to the highest highs, becoming extremely sucessful in their way of thought, of life, and i have watched people slowly kill themselves, through drugs, or other forms of destructive behavior, often resulting in death. My knuckles serve as a constant reminder, maybe even not only for myself, that there is always a choice, of way of thought, perception, and action. As being a professional chef, i often see actions that glide along the surface of the day, riding the wave of life, taking it as it comes, and adjusting… And i see the floundering that results from illl thought, laziness, and fear. Either we can swim effortlessly through all things, or we can sink from the weight of our own negative energies.