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Mika Lahtinen sends us his second row. He sent us SWIM SINK a few years back:

here is the second row to my fingers
GODSPEED for good luck, it was done couple days ago so it`t still healing

It was done by tuppu at tatuata.

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Elizabeth sends use these follow ups to her gangster knuckles:

From the line in the pixies song “tame”….. “Cookie I think you’re tame.”
BUT sometimes I lie and say it’s an homage to magic johnson’s wife, Cookie, because he came home with AIDS and she didn’t leave his ass. Terrible joke I know.
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Mrs. Mamma Ink (aka Dee) sends us these cheerful knuckles:

I’ve always wanted a knuckle tattoo, and i’m always saying to my hubby and kids “be happy” so it just came to me one day that’s what i should have on my knuckles, the colours are the big top colours of the circus marques, my fellow tattoo artist Joe Faller was over from Ireland guest spotting so it all came together.

Knuckle Tattoos Lady Fingers Other


Aprille sends us these words and the story:


this is my favorite album of all time that as gotten me thru alot of the bad times, pretty much all of my bad times. its an album by ATMOSPHERE. i plan on getting my hands done with the rest of the phrase, which is “embrace how i live ‘cuz” then on my knucks it says GOD LOVES UGLY. its a work in progress, need to be redone. but it has a lot of meaning to me, im not a #1 fan or anything, just very sentimental in a music way

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My name is Andrew and the the story behind my knuckle tattoos, well Love is happiness and Grace…is a lot of things, but for the sake of being combined with love, it’s forgiveness. For my thumbs, I’m from Rhode Island, and the anchor is on our flag, “hope we have as an anchor of the soul.” <3 Little Rhodey.

Knuckle Tattoos Man Hands Other


The tattoos on my knuckles spell out “Dakota” with two paw prints, it’s the name of my dog. I’ve had her for ten years now and have wanted her name tattooed on me some where and at the same time I wanted my knuckles done, and her name fit and I could put paw prints on my pinky fingers to show it’s my dog’s name. And yes she loves them. And so do the ladies.

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c’est la vie – LOVE SICK

Hi there, my name is Pascual Romero, and I have a hard time finding jobs ;)

I kid, but I do have knuckle tattoos, and I thought I’d share mine.

The “c’est la vie” statement is something I like to live my life by.  Loosely translated from French, it means “such is life” or “that’s life”, which is my rather laid-back way of looking at what comes my way.  Bad day, good day, it’s just life and it’s up to me to take it for what it is.  I think it’s a very positive way of looking at things, personally.
Second, my “Lovesick” tattoo across my lower knuckles was actually the end product of the little heart tattooed on my right middle finger.  I got it in honor of my TV show “Rad Girls”, where I serve as the associate producer and occasional on-screen personality.  I wanted to incorporate it into something clever, and being the romantic that I am, figured it would be a pretty fitting statement.


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A wayward heart sent us this shot in the dark:

I got this done by Ian Camp during a Friday the 13th tattoo special ($13 tattoos + lucky $7 tip) in Syracuse, NY. I got it because of the song “Bulletproof” by La Roux and also because of my best friend Sarah. She got one as well, but behind her ear. We always say we’re bulletproof and nothing can stop us.

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Dave Bireley won’t stop

This is it, this time I mean it! Dave? Is it intervention time? This is the 3rd time we’ve featured you on the site. I know it is a rush every time, but really there comes a time in a man’s life where he has to say, “I’ve done enough.”

Here is what he has to say this time around:

Well sir I enjoy your web site so much & the collection of such great art, ideas & stories, that I got carried away contributing to it.

So here’s my last submission.

Finger tips done today May 10, 2011 – LONGEVITY, HEALTH, LOVE, PEACE, JOY, WEALTH, CHAOS, INFINITY & if i only raise each middle finger it will indicate LOVE MONEY

All the work on my hands was done by Stuart of Transcending Flesh Tattoo located In Lancaster PA.

I look forward to seeing how Dave figures out how to cram more ink on his digits.

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Here is my picture of my knuckles.. My reasoning with this one is… In September 2009 I was hit head on from a drunk driver, since then I have been in pain every day.  So, hence  STR8 PAIN….  My husband did these for me in 2010.. Took me forever to figure out what I wanted… But I love it!

Jessica Baur-Weiman

Detroit, Michigan