4x4 Double Decker Knuckle Tattoos


Rubie Irene sends us these lovely knuckles:

I got these done a few days ago (8/30/2010). I have numerous tattoos but none have really been as meaningful as these ones. I am jaded and cynical and unwelcoming. It’s all been a process. I am not saying I will never love again, but for now, it doesn’t live in my heart. I want to forget the bad things. Welcome the new. Sullen I know, but it is what it is.

My artist really laughed his @ss off when I told him there absolutely NEEDED to be an apostrophe. I think it makes the tattoo. Says he has never done one with punctuation before.

Done by Angel Murrietta in Pacific, WA.

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos


Hey Shane! I’m finally getting your knuckles up on the site! All it took was your artist sending them in. Here is what Philip has to say:

My name is Philip Corbin, I tattooed “STIL HERE” on Shane Watkins knuckles because after 14 years of tattooing in Austin, Texas he’s still holding it down, and he’s STIL HERE! I feel honored he picked me to do them! WORD SON!

Artist: Philip Corbin
Collector: Shane Watkins
Shop: Atomic Tattoo 309 W MLK. Austin, Texas

Thanks for sending those in Philip, Shane and I would have just talked it to death.