4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Lady Fingers


Hello. My name is Caidyn. I’m a 19 year old recovering alcoholic from Washington. I got these knuckle tattoo’s in January of this year and I just recently got them touched up because they had faded quite a lot.
I’ve wanted knuckle tattoos since I was around 14 and had a lot of ideas of what I wanted to get, but wanted to make sure that I did not get something that someone else already had. (Which is really hard and close to impossible to do when it comes to tattoos)
I decided to get “Born Poet” for the fact that when I was 15, I tried writing poetry just to mess around and try something new and found that I had a natural talent for it and everyone I showed my work to, loved it and gave me uplifting comments for my writing ability.
These knuckle tattoos inspire me to remain in my writing and remind me how much I need to keep writing in my life. Especially in recovery because I struggle with not opening up with people no matter how close I am to them. So writing gives me an escape I need and keeps me from remaining in my addiction.
4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Man Hands


Tony Landry sends us these wise words:

When I was in jail you see people coming in and leaving almost every day. After months just sitting and waiting for a court date you start to ask yourself, “When am I going to be free?”. I asked a guard that one day, he told me this, “You are only born free.” There it was, the words that have stuck with me forever. I’m from New Orleans, La, but I got these in Mission Beach, Ca near where I was detained. The “R” in “BORN” is blown out, but noone notices it. Name’s Tony. Remember these words.