Kidder sends us these knuckles:

My Knuckle tattoos represent a knickname i took on while in the Marine Corp. “Kidda” is a run off of my last name “Kidder” but me being from Boston, Ma and having the accent where we very rarely pronounce our “R’s” Thats how it sounds when i talk. “Bilt” comes from the spelling of the truck company “Peterbilt”. “Kidda Bilt” together represents when i used to train other marines in the gym. we would complete some intense workouts making us bigger, stronger, & faster. Like a Peterbilt truck. After the program i would tell them they’ve been built by me.. “Kidda Bilt”

Thanks For Posting…. OoRah & Semper Fi


Jared H. sends us these knuckles and his story:

Here are my knuckles. Pretty much my tattoos are pretty meaningless for the most part so I decided I wanted something that had a meaning behind it. So I began thinking what would be cool for my knuckles that people would ask about and make me remember something good? My grandfather “Pop” always said I was a “Hard Head” and often called me that instead of my name. So I figured why not get it tattooed to in a way always remember my Pop.

I drew up the letters and had my artist “PJ” from Art With A Pulse Tattoos in Glen Burnie, MD tattoo my knuckles.


Aaron sends us these knuckles with the following story:

Since childhood, many horrific moments came to help shape who I am. Suffering mental abuse, physical abuse and rape at an early age set the standards for my path of self-destruction. Fighting and run-ins with authority figures. Battles with depression, self-loathing and alcohol abuse came to define who I was. My young son was diagnosed with a rare cancer at age two and received a bone marrow transplant. Diagnosed with severe anxiety and panic disorders were the outcome. No more. I refuse to be a victim because I shall never admit defeat. My knuckles remind me to STAY CALM in whatever may be thrown my way and to act with compassion and patience. Believe in the power of Positive Mental Attitude. It just might help you save your life.


My name is Logan Bond. I got “INFINITE” across my knuckles because there are endless possibilities in life and I believe we’re responsible for where we are in life, (i.e. experience, mistakes) but in no way regret anything, because we wouldn’t be where we are now, if we hadn’t lived our past the way we did. I’m also a hairdresser, my job is in my hands, literally. My grandmother was also a hairdresser. In her memory, I feel like I’m carrying on her legacy in my career, and this is sort of a remembrance piece for her too. :)
I do plan on adding more color & symbols on my thumbs. Possibly, second knucks as well later on down the road :)
This tattoo was done by Jayme Collins at Old Capital Tattoo in Corydon, Indiana on 5/5/11.