All I know about this one is that the guy’s name is Jarret and he is awesome. His knuckle tattoos are a tribute to the first Star Wars movie’s subtitle “A New Hope“. On his thumbs the symbols for the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. “Shoot First” is a reference to Han Solo shooting Greedo in the Cantina scene. In the original film Han shot first, killing Greedo in cold blood. In the remastered version, Greedo shoots and then Han retaliates, taking the teeth out of Han Solo and making his eventual redemption considerably weaker.


I had the honor of asking Gill Montie for a picture of his knukles and he graciously obliged me. The WWMD stands for “What Would Matt Do”. Matt is a good friend of his who does Special Effects for movies. Gil said that Matt was the coolest guy under pressure and he wanted to be reminded of that when he was under pressure. Gill is currently living in Beaumont Texas and owns Tattoo Mania. Gill is also known for his work creating George Clooney’s tribal tattoo in From Dusk to Dawn.


These hands belong to Tom Y. He got HOMEWARD because he is always the first one to go home or leave the party. He also doubled up and got:

The story goes like this. He and his friends were sitting out side of the tattoo shop talking about what they would get on their second set of knuckles when some girls walked by and said “You guys are some damn fools”. So he went in and got them done.