4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Lady Fingers


Ah, Fran has it totally right.

Lone Star: it’s not just the state nickname, it’s also the national beer of Texas.

I love me some Lone Star Beer. It’s what I’m sipping right now as a matter of fact. Mmmmm… Beer!

Knuckle Tattoos Lady Fingers One Hand Other


This lovely young lady here is named Gretchen and this is what she has to say about her knuckle tattoo:

It’s for my cousin J.W. that’s in the Navy. He has an anchor on his arm. I never get to see him now that’s he’s in the Navy.

What a way to support the troops.

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Lady Fingers


Hope You Got The Letter

Man these are awesome, posted by my pal Beatnick Sidearm out of Ballard, Seattle. Burly… I’d love to hear the story on this set.

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Lady Fingers My Photos



Oh man oh man, Charlie Horse’s bass player… None other than Corey Parks, formerly of Nashville Pussy and Die Hunns. Honestly I was a little too intimdated to ask her the story behind these beauties. But then again, maybe they speak for themselves.

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Lady Fingers


Edge Erin sent us this lovely pair of knuckles and she has this to say about them:

I have always been just “One of the guys” You know how that is. But I am amazing, I am not your typical prissy girl that tries to be one of the guys. You always develop crushes on your best friends of the opposite sex, I mean if you weren’t attracted to each other some how, would you even be friends? Anyway, I would always say to them if they wanted to be more than friends, that it wouldn’t be possible to keep a friendship after, so I’ve pulled the “I only like you as a friend” thing, too many times. But its true right? … SO I have been called a lil heartbreaker, but “Heart Breaker” wouldn’t fit, so I chose the next closest, “Man’s Ruin” claiming myself to be the ruin of some men. I have also been told that I ruin men in other ways.. (wink wink) haha so its kinda a 2-way meaning.

I also didn’t know of anyone else having it on their knuckles so that helped too. Although it has sort of been a “Job stopper” tattoo, I have found an amazing job at an animal hospital, that doesn’t judge me by my amount of tattoos and piercings.

Tattoo done by: Nick Flanagan @ Dragon’s Lair Tattoo Salem, NH

8 Across Knuckle Tattoos Lady Fingers


Photo: Elan R.

This comes from my pal Elan who was just up in Seattle appartment hunting. He popped into a cafe in Belltown because they had free wifi and noticed that one of the clerks behind the counter had some fingertats. So he told her about this project, got a photo, and asked her what the story was. This is Jessica, a barista at the Cherry St. cafe in Seattle (slightly paraphrased):

“So I was getting sober, and … drinking was all about instant gratification and getting what you want right now. So, patience seemed like a good thing to keep in mind. And it’s been working good for me so far!”

Thanks Elan and Jessica!

4x4 Knuckle Tattoos Lady Fingers


We have our first email’d in set of knuckles! Here is what the owner has to say:

I got my knucks done by Rain at Deep Roots in Seattle. My name is ZOMBIEGIRL and I skate with the Rat City Rollergirls…team Throttle Rockets. Yes, I have a zombie fetish…hence the dead sexy.

Thanks a ton for send them in ZombieGirl. Oh, wait you are also our first roller girl knuckles! Sweet!

And to be honest, we share your zombie fetish…