Red sends us these knuckle tattoos:

There is not much of a story behind this other than the fact that everything literally is Lost Time. Every hour of every day is Lost Time until we die and I think it is important to remember that because we as humans waste so much time doing such meaningless and horrible things. It is a reminder, a statement and a personal creed all in one.


I’m Justin Crawford from Mt. Vernon, Ohio  My knuckles say Hard Knox which is the name of the tattoo shop I work at. And Knox is the name of the county I live in!

Done by Tony Campise at Hard Knox Tattoo in Mt. Vernon Ohio. It’s a hard knox life!
and from Left to right in 2nd picture   Reptar Funk  Justin Crawford  Tony campise


Kaboe Kavapalu sends us these knuckle tattoos and the following story:

Thanks, really stoked on how they came out. The reason I got “life time” was to remind myself that we only have one “life” and all we have is “time”…so might as well have the “time of my life”. My best mate tattooed them, he recently got married and is living in Norway, so I took a trip out to visit him and while i was out there he laid this ink down for me.


This set of knuckles is awesome! From Brian Nervous. here in Austin, TX:

The “story” behind this tattoo is really, really, simple…… I like to eat the soup. I mean c’mon who doesn’t like a big ‘ol fuckin steaming bowl of soup? If you’re sick, depressed, angry at that fucker in the Hummer who cut you off on your bike and then has the audacity to give YOU the finger, or just hungry…. soup is the shit! I’m pretty damn sure that my fierce love of soup enabled me to hook up with the hottest soup loving girl in Austin!! The tattoo was done this past winter at the Star of Texas Tattoo Convention in Austin, by my pal Zack Kinsey of Leviticus Tattoo in Minneapolis, MN. If yr. up that way holla at a brotha.

Love, Peace, and Soup Spoons. Brian Nervous-Soup Gang ATX (and check out the Soup Gang Blog –http://soupbowlparty.blogspot.com/)