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Hi, I’m Jason from Australia, here is a picture of my new knuckle tattoos, they were done by Shannon from thinkin ink tattoo studio, from Shepparton, Victoria, I have been thinking of getting give and take for a long time now, I chose give and take because life’s all about give and take.



Antwan says this is self explanatory.

UPDATE: Then today he sent me the explanation:

I got ‘Take That’ because people were always telling me that I couldn’t do something or I would never be able to do something.  My thought was…’the hell I can’t…watch me.’   So I guess it was kind of to rub it in peoples’ faces.  Plus I thought it was funny.


Take Me On

New Wave Dave is slowly learning that life is OK. Or he is ready for anything:

TAKE ON ME, as in the song, the a-ha song. One of the first albums I ever bought was a-ha’s Hunting High and Low, and for ages I would fall asleep to the a side. It is my all time favorite album, and in 2003 I got this knuckle tattoo. My sister is a tattoo artist and I had her do them.

If people recognize the song they usually find it funny, if they don’t they usually ask if I am a boxer. So I find the response interesting.