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Here is a set from Maikel Leenders:

the story behind it that here it kinda controversial to have tattoo’s on knuckles our other visable places so that’s why i ask them whith my tattoo sick boy? our not?

and also cuz im an borderliner u know the phychosomatic diseace so it means two things to me

i embrace who i am and ask people to think about all their pre-judgements


I went to see Social Distortion play at Stubb’s Wednesday night. Mike Ness of course put on a hell of a show, all pouting and chewing gum and rocking out. My girl was up against the front barrier and spent most of the show slapping crowd surfers in the head as they passed over her and enjoying the show. As it turns out, the gal next to her had these beautiful knuckles that read SICK CHIC.

We caught up with Audra after the show, while waiting in line to shake Mr. Ness’ hand. She said that the story was Mike Ness. He inspired the tattoos, and this was actually her first time seeing him perform in person. Audra works at the Firing Line tattoo shop in Tyler, Texas.

Mr. Ness himself declined having his knuckle tattoos photographed. He was tired after a long show. Hopefully one day, right? Until then I’ve still got the deviant art photo of his knuckles.