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These knuckle tattoos come courtesy of Keith T of Atlanta, GA

These are were done last weekend at TIMLESS TATTOO in Atlanta GA. I have been thinking about what to get for the better part of the last 4 or 5 years…Im sure I may not be the only person with LONG-SHOT on there knucles but I havent seen em but then again its a big world! The words have two meanings to me….for one life in general is a long shot an two I am ‘into’ guns an firearms aswell! I like the ‘O’ in each word being a crosshair. Anyway, in short…heres mine and im happy with them!


Geoff, door man at Ed’s Cucaracha/The Jackalope in Austin, TX.

He says the tattoos represent the rough odds he faces and his divorce. They are a tribute to the The Pioneers song ‘Long Shot Kicked the Bucket’ (available on many of the Pioneers’ CDs, including the appropriately titled best of album: Long Shot Kicked the Bucket).

So let me tell you a quick story about Geoff. He used to work for my old lady, working in the production, stuffing boxes and shrink wrapping them. One day he just didn’t show up. A day or two go by and he calls in. When she asks him where he has been his answer was “A bottle of Jameson’s and a girl.”

Long Shot indeed.