Gramschi from Leeds sends us these knuckles and the story:

Hi there. These are (obviously) my knuckles, done by Gareth Miller at Black Crown Tattoo, Leeds, England. Long Road is basically how I seem to go about everything of value and import in my life, whether intentionally or not – I end up taking/travelling a Long Road. This can make some things feel like quite a slog, and occasionally dispiriting, but it also serves as a reminder that, invariably, I arrive at my destination with a thorough appreciation for the journey, and a knowledge that I haven’t cut any corners to get there.


My name is Ludwig Witt and I live in Sweden. I got my knuckles done yesterday and I really like your site so here they are. The only story behind them is this.

I got the words from an old John Mayall album called Hard road that features Peter Green on guitar. I thought it suited me as I’m a drummer and I’m on the road quite a bit. Since the A’s ended up on the ring fingers I wanted to do stars instead of A’s but my tattooist Räven (it means the fox in swedish) suggested spades instead and I think it turned out great. Hope you like it.


James V. sends in these meat hooks:

I got this because I like to travel a lot, i think it;s the only thing that really broadens the mind and builds character. Nothing better than having stories to tell. Never felt at home anywhere but the road.


This is Mick Metal of Wayne, New Jersey. His newest tattoo is a reminder of where he is from and where he is going. In his own words:

Well the Long Road tattoo Means a whole lot. Through my life things have change time and time again the journey is a long road. I have move around alot first because I was in the US Air Force. while in the Air Force I got married and soon after getting out I got a divorce. then moving around trying to find home as a body Piercer. Finally ending up at Shotsie’s Tattoo Shotsie Gorman asked me to apprentice under him and make on of my long time dreams come true. Now that I have found my home and my career I am sure life will still take me through the next journey as it should.