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Ashley J sent these knuckles in with the following story:

I got this tattoo because I’m a complete school junkie. I love every aspect of it. Learning new things, writing papers, studying, listening to lectures. I love the feeling of learning something that I never knew before, and would probably never need to know in my whole life. I expect to have atleast 4 or 5 different degrees by the time I finish school. None of them I really plan to do anything with or pursue any type of career in the fields I study. I just want to spend my life learning as much as I possibly can. Also, whenever I get asked what my standards are my only response is “I want a boy who will talk about calculus with me, and won’t get mad if I correct his grammar.” Whenever I tell somebody what I plan to do with my life, or what I look for in a boy, all I’ve EVER gotten back from them is “You’re such a…nerd.” And I realize they were right. I am. It’s a big part of who I am, and I’m extremely proud of it.


NERD COREFriday’s knuckles come courtesy of Kenneth F. of Brockton, Massachusetts and he is awesome:

I got the idea from the genre of music and it also reflects on me as a person and my lifestyle. Truly i am a nerd at heart <3. I am a nerd and I’m proud to say that I’ve role played, played magic, played video games for 24 hours straight, and that I’ve watched the entire series of Ranma 1/2 in japanese. I love who i am and i love my knuckle tat’s! (btw I’m always turned on!)