Whaddya know, knuckle tattoos on the knuckles! Jim Parris from Trenton, New Jersey sends us these with the following note:

right on the bone a day later still red as hell..tell the rest their all wimps it didn’t hurt anymore than any other tattoo

When asked why PEACE and LOVE and about the other symbols, this was his response:

Double meaning 1st-name of a pogues album 2.a pun if I hit someone I’d say I’m giving them some peace and love

The fingers things came from a Peru mummy, the hand thing is a triskillion…ancient symbol

Tattoo artist: Patrick Tattoo at



David Beil sends us these hands from Norway:

Here is a knuckle tattoo from Norway. It is done by Birdie from personal art tattoo.
For me TRUE LOVE stands for the love that Jesus has for all of us.
But also the love between my wife and i.
For me it stands also for the love we need to have for each other in this world, in your own family and for your friends!

God bless knuckle brothers

God bless the knuckle brothers all over the world, my friend.



These are the knuckle tattoos of Bob Sleg, a FleshTransfixer who owns a shop in Lille, France called COLD FLESH, THE BODY PIERCING CRYPT in Lille (FR).

This FUCK/LOVE tattooed in December Y2K by WILL TATTOO from Angoulême, FRANCE (EU), represents a lot to me.
First of all, it says all together FUCK LOVE, ‘koz ‘am a bloody heart-sensitive Dude and I wanted to “protect” myself against other heartbreaking love stories…
Second, the LOVE one is on my left hand, the one of the heart. And the FUCK one his on the right hand which represents the military salute and the fighting fist to me.
Third, when I reverse my hands (left/right) or put’em in front of me, it says LOVE FUCK, ‘koz Hell yeah ‘am heart-sensitive but I still luv’ action !
Fourth, I always had in memories the Robert Mitchum’s LOVE/HATE “tattoo” I saw in The Night Of The Hunter when I woz a child…
There’s sum’ other meanings for my knukles’tattoo to me, like FUCK is my favorite word in the world; bu’ I keep’em for my LOVErz..!
-Bob SLEG.

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These come courtesy of Rob Hamilton, the owner of Hamilton Motorcycle Repair.

I’ve been through a lot of crap the past couple of years. “God is Love” is a reminder that despite my flaws, God’s love is unconditional. I know it doesn’t necessarily blend in with the other tats on your site…but I figured I’d submit the pic anyway. God Bless.

Actually Rob, you fingers fit right in here. Knuckle tattoos always seem to be about the individual’s belief in something. Thanks for sending them in.