Jim Madden sends us these hands:

I know this is a cliche knuckle tattoo, but my story behind it is my uncle and one of my best friends, who was a huge influence on everything i do today, had this exact tattoo on his knuckles, and he ended up committing suicide, so its kind of ironic…this is my way of remembering him, among others


Got these knuckles in and couldn’t wait to post them. Here is the story:

My name is Dev and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, I went through chemo-therapy, and my cancer is currently in remission. While being treated for my cancer I realized how short life really is because I was only 26 at the time of my diagnosis. My chemo traetments were successful, giving me a second chance at life. So I decided to get the tattoo “live life” on my knuckles. I choose to get it on my knuckles so everyone could see it, because i really mean what it says. People often get tattoos in places where they can cover them up for jobs or to be accepted by certain people, but I say fuck that life is short live it to the fullest and do what you want to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is a set of knuckles about life’s ups and downs. But don’t take my word for it. Here is what John Huber has to say about them:

My name is John Huber, and I’m a professional yo-yo player out of Seattle, Washington.  I’ve been playing with yo-yos for going on 8 years now, have won a couple of contests, and even managed to land a clothing sponsorship.  Yo-yos aren’t just a toy to someone like me.  It’s an art form.  It’s how I meditate.  It’s what I was put here to do.

If you want to see a couple of my videos, you can find them on my MySpace page.

And for the record, if it wasn’t for me watching Tommy Smothers when I was a kid, I don’t think I would’ve picked up a yo-yo when I got older.  The Yo-Yo Man made it look like it was the cool thing to do.



Daniel B. sent us these tasty tattoos:

whats up, i am daniel brauch i have been cooking since i was fifteen years old (im 23 now) and i recently graduated culinary school and thought that  whatever i do and know matter what happens in my crazy ass life that i will always live a “cook life”. tats done by leopard larry at telepathic tattoo 502 onion st. austin tx.


This set of knuckles comes courtesy of “Fat” Scott Morrison, of N2SKIN Tattoos in Farmington Hills, MI. His story is great:

I’d been tattooing for about a year and a half at the time, and it jsut dawned on me that I was in the middle of living my dream and persuing a carreer with no boundries. I had grown up with a father who worked in a Ford plant for 32 years and had taken a medical retirement due to stress-related heart problems, and a mother who had owned her own accounting buisness for 30 years working 13 hour days in dress atire. I had always promised myself that I would never let my life pass by working a job I didnt have a passion for or spend my time sitting at a desk in the corperate world in a suit that was uncomfortable. so, when I came to this realization (that I was living my wildest dreams), I decided that “LIVE LIFE” would always be that constant reminder to just enjoy every little thing I can, and never let something so petty like money or posessions come between me and my love for the simplest yet finest points of life. One week to the day that i got the tattoo, my father passed away suddenly, and literally in the blink of an eye meant more to me than I had ever imagined it would. He worked his entire life, literally till the day he died to make sure that I would be able to persue my dreams, so for him and for me this is the path I have chosen. Nothing will stop me but death.