Baelee Black sends us these little rockers and her story:

i have always loved knuckle tattoos because they usually describe a person to the soul core.For years i wanted knuckle tattoos but i didn’t feel hard enough or ruff enough or sad enough……..lost soul……fuck yall…….sour mash(dead road dog named after a whiskey)……mama tried.None of these things were even close to describing me but still i thought they were so darkly romantic and beautifully done with faded colors and trashy fonts.I am a housewife of 11 years with 2 kids and never in one place more than 2 yrs.I have had many types of jobs and deal with this strange world daily but the one thing i’m awesome at is making a nice home for my kids and being a damn good wife whether in a mansion or motel room…i am a HOME MAKR and am proud to wear it on my fist!


Ian sends these knuckles in:

I decided to get homesick tattooed on my knuckles simply because I had a really hard time growing up and never hard your stereotypical “HOME” life.
It has NOTHING to do with the album of the same name by the band A DAY TO REMEMBER even though I do love that band haha.


Looks like Spud (VACATION) has already been spreading the word. The day his knuckles posted I get these knuckles from his friend Andrew C.

This is what Andrew has to say:

I am a touring guy as well, tour managing and running sound for bands far and near. I have worked for The Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation, Dropping Daylight, Panic Cell, Nonpoint, Sevendust, etc…

I got “HOMEWARD” because it is my favorite place to be. Granted I get bored real quick but that is where my wife and son are and thats good enough for me. So even my first day out on tour is one day closer to being home!

I like that these came in back to back. Two different ways of looking at a similar journey.