I met Dan today at the skatepark. We skated for a while and then I noticed his knuckle tattoos. When I asked him about them his story was basically, he was hanging out with his friends and one of them had a tattoo gun, so he has a variety of small home tattoos. He got drunk one day and woke up with HELL BENT. He guesses that maybe they were listening to Judas Priest.


Andrew from Greece, NY sends us these knuckles:

i got HELL SENT acrost my knuckles because im pretty good at pissin people off and im not very P.c i get alot of people who say “i must be from hell or something” and it makes me happy to hear haha. hence my knux


Jason Burton sends us these killers. Perfect for a Friday:

my name is jase 23 from good old upper hutt in wellington new zealand not really much of a story just everyone is getting tats these days so i wanted to do something not many people i know have done, so i got my knuckles done, i choose HELL YEAH cos its a good way to describe things that you like and looks good in photos haha. so many people have said how stupid i am getting it done but fuck them.


These knuckle tattoos belong to Bud W, apprentice tattoo artist at Inktown Tattoo in Lombard IL. He says that he is hell bent to tattoo, thus the knuckles.

Edit: I also wanted to add that his busniness card guarantees his work “If you sit fucking still” and is available in Several Bright Colors.