This is Jonny C. and Sam Riot. They are best friends and welders here in Austin, TX.

Jonny got his knuckles done first and say they are a reminder of what life is for him. His knuckle tattoos were the first tattoos he got and now he is fill his arms on up.

Sam loved the idea of HARD WORK and asked Jonny if he minded getting matching knuckles. Jonny was on board, and now the two are working class heroes until they die.

Sam also got the double decker done with AMERICAN: 


Jared H. sends us these knuckles and his story:

Here are my knuckles. Pretty much my tattoos are pretty meaningless for the most part so I decided I wanted something that had a meaning behind it. So I began thinking what would be cool for my knuckles that people would ask about and make me remember something good? My grandfather “Pop” always said I was a “Hard Head” and often called me that instead of my name. So I figured why not get it tattooed to in a way always remember my Pop.

I drew up the letters and had my artist “PJ” from Art With A Pulse Tattoos in Glen Burnie, MD tattoo my knuckles.


My name is Ludwig Witt and I live in Sweden. I got my knuckles done yesterday and I really like your site so here they are. The only story behind them is this.

I got the words from an old John Mayall album called Hard road that features Peter Green on guitar. I thought it suited me as I’m a drummer and I’m on the road quite a bit. Since the A’s ended up on the ring fingers I wanted to do stars instead of A’s but my tattooist Räven (it means the fox in swedish) suggested spades instead and I think it turned out great. Hope you like it.


I’m Justin Crawford from Mt. Vernon, Ohio  My knuckles say Hard Knox which is the name of the tattoo shop I work at. And Knox is the name of the county I live in!

Done by Tony Campise at Hard Knox Tattoo in Mt. Vernon Ohio. It’s a hard knox life!
and from Left to right in 2nd picture   Reptar Funk  Justin Crawford  Tony campise