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These knuckles come all the way from Denmark from Johni S:

Story Behind:

Well i really wanted to tattoo my knuckles since i already have lots of stuff done, it only felt natural to make this step.
I wondered what to get and fell over this quote:

Stay Gold; Not conforming to what society dictates, but in a sense marching to the beat of your own drum.

Which fits perfectly to me, and how i live my life.

Johni Simonsen, 21, Denmark




These beauties are on the hands of Victoria and here is her story:

This was my first tattoo and i recieved it when i was in traning for the Army in South Carolina from a tattoo parlor called 5 Points.
Because technically were not supposed to have tattoos on our hands i got a white ink tattoo.
The message tattooed is “GOLD LION” which is the title of a song by the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
This picture was taken about 15 minuets after i recieved the tattoo, since then it got infected and scared over. Some of the lettering is un readable, but i love it. Its true what everyone says, once you get one tattoo your gonna want more. Now i cant stop getting more tattoos.


These were sent in by Jake Tong, tattoo artist. His story:

Hi – my name is Jake – I have a website www.jaketong.com. I am a tattooist/artist/professional jerk. Made popular from Robert Frost excerpt in the movie/book “The Outsiders” , I got STAY GOLD on my knuckles for a few reasons- A. To me stay gold kinda means stay young as long as you can. B. Kinda was a way for me to say “I’m set in my career”. I’m also stoked ’cause they were done by Bob Creepy, who was my mentor. I owe a lot to the dude.