Jeanine sends us her knuckle tattoos:

I got these done almost 4 years ago by Zack Woods at The Missing Piece in Spokane, WA. The “o” is a fish bowl and the “F” is a fishing hook. This tattoo has a lot of meanings for me. For the most part it is a comic book referance and this is what I tell people. Whenever I think of Lenore the cute little dead girl saying “fishies go pook pook pook” I think of goldfish. But I am also a fish out of water. This has more than one meaning for me. I have always been an oddball and as a female with tons of tattoo work I get a ton of odd looks. I also love to swim. I am an Aquarius… so it all just fits me perfectly. Not to mention I love the goldfish snack food crackers. White cheddar for the win baby. ~ J


I’m Gina and my knuckles say “Stay gold”

I love to read and one of my favorite books is the outsiders. In the book there is a poem by Robert Frost which goes as follows;
Nature’s first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
The way it’s described in the book is that “Your gold when your a kid. When your a kid, everythings new. Like dawn, the way you dig sunsets, Ponyboy, that’s gold. Keep it that way, its a good way to be.”
I take it how nothing stays perfect or new forever but even though you will get older still keep your youth. Your spirit doesn’t have to age with your body. I got the tattoo because I’m 20 years old now which means (according to everyone else) that I’m getting older I’ve become an adult. I have a son and I think it’s the perfect time to solidify this statement that even though I’m growing up fast I’ll still be a kid at heart forever and that’s something nobody can take from me. Permanant ink just makes it that much clearer for the rest of the world.


Steven G. sends us these knuckles:

Here are my knuckle tats after their first and second sessions. I work a lot with my hands so I’m healing them in sections… My knocks are a two-fold homage to ‘The Outsiders’ as well as a nod to Bring Me the Horizon’s song ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ line “Throw your diamonds in the sky, we’ll stay gold forever”. My knuckles are me, I can never deny myself, and if I stay gold… I might just leave a mark and “live forever”.


Greg sends us these knuckle tattoos and the following story:

my names Greg I grew up in New York and recently moved to california.. I struggled with addiction for 9+ years i got Stay Gold because to me it reminds me to keep it pure for me “natures first green is gold” Keep my life like it was before I turned “the wrong way”


These knuckles come all the way from Denmark from Johni S:

Story Behind:

Well i really wanted to tattoo my knuckles since i already have lots of stuff done, it only felt natural to make this step.
I wondered what to get and fell over this quote:

Stay Gold; Not conforming to what society dictates, but in a sense marching to the beat of your own drum.

Which fits perfectly to me, and how i live my life.

Johni Simonsen, 21, Denmark




These beauties are on the hands of Victoria and here is her story:

This was my first tattoo and i recieved it when i was in traning for the Army in South Carolina from a tattoo parlor called 5 Points.
Because technically were not supposed to have tattoos on our hands i got a white ink tattoo.
The message tattooed is “GOLD LION” which is the title of a song by the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
This picture was taken about 15 minuets after i recieved the tattoo, since then it got infected and scared over. Some of the lettering is un readable, but i love it. Its true what everyone says, once you get one tattoo your gonna want more. Now i cant stop getting more tattoos.