Hey, im Rania…The story behind my tattoo is obviously my love for retro video games and the fact that im a game design student. Space Invaders was the first game i ve ever made (copied basically) and actually worked and i was pretty excited :D
Tattoo courtesy of W.Inks , Wolverhampton , UK


Spazy For The Win sends us these really sexy knuckles.

Decided to get Good Game because im pretty much a gamerholic and i ALWAYS say Good Game without fail on any game what so ever and have done for years and years so thought it was fitting. Good Game Guys!



I met Chago out side of the Texas Rollergirls match last week. He works at Super Chango Studio up in The Woodlands, Texas (just north of Houston). Here is what he says about his knuckle tattoos:

Well since I was a kid I always played videogames but it never was as “serious” until I was introduced to Halo, which was actually Halo 2 so to this day I have played halo almost every night.



Got these a long time ago, and I’m just now getting them up. Sorry it took so long Robert, but here they are, with your story:

If it is art, how can it be wrong?

My first tattoo was “GAME OVER” across my knuckles.

I’ve been a gamer since roughly the age of three.  Or, well, since I developed the motor skills to differentiate A, B, and a directional pad.

I’ve been saving the princess for seventeen years and, since I won’t ever be getting a “real” job with tattoos on my hands, I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to gaming and the likes.

The tattoo was done by Shawn Booth in Valdosta, Georgia.  Or, as we know him as “the guy with Darth Vader tattooed on his throat.”  No kidding.  He has Darth Vader tattooed on his fucking throat.

He is my hero.

To the grave,
Robert Johnson



Atari Matt sent these in via the MySpaces:

I’ve been into atari 2600 and video games since I was a kid. I’m 35 now.

Been doing music using ataris for a few years now. have been fixing up and restoring arcade and pinball machines for 7-8 years. I’ve got LOTS of tattoos and always wanted my knuckles…you know how you always think up what would be cool…one day about 6 months ago it hit me!

GAME OVER…nothing more perfect for me, plus its tough too!

I’d been sweating getting them done…carreer enders and all…but a really good friend of mine that has tattooed for years and did my first tattoos just moved back to texas from Albuquerque and stayed with us for a couple of weeks…basically between him and my wife and friends I didn’t have a choice but to get them done!

The carreer ender part is also all part of a sub-concious plan. I’ve always ended up in nice desk jobs and really like the one I’m at now, but I can’t see sitting at a desk for the rest of my life. Now if this job ends I have really cut off the “office proffessional” avenue and will have to make different choices the next time around