I’m bug, male, 29 from Southampton, England. I wanted something different and a bit outrageous. My ex, she was totally into that sort of thing too lol. I think most people just find it funny. Reactions range from ‘YOU’RE A LEGEND’ to ‘WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT’ Another thing with the tattoos are if I stick out my two inner knuckles on each hand it says STFU (shut the fuck up). I kind of liked that too. For work I just put plasters over my left hand so it’s not a massive issue. I’m sure a lot of people will look down their noses at me…butt fuck em ;)



JohnnyThief sends us these knuckles with the full story:

Did this after my divorce,… my world was unraveling & my vision was blurry,…

We had a storm brew up, real wrath of God stuff, & it blew away all our appointments. Being a bit fried from working too much, I blew off any real work & started drawing on my left hand,… Hm, yeah, that was exactly the mood I was in,… but what to put on the right hand? As I was walking around the shop, Richie B looked up at me & just said the word ‘UGLY’. I said, ‘Man, that is cold ass shit. Let’s do it!’

I was in such a bad mood, I made him do it twice.

Johnny ‘Thief’ Di Donna
Seppuku Tattoo
2213A Rowland Avenue
Thunderbolt, GA 31404



These are the knuckle tattoos of Bob Sleg, a FleshTransfixer who owns a shop in Lille, France called COLD FLESH, THE BODY PIERCING CRYPT in Lille (FR).

This FUCK/LOVE tattooed in December Y2K by WILL TATTOO from Angoulême, FRANCE (EU), represents a lot to me.
First of all, it says all together FUCK LOVE, ‘koz ‘am a bloody heart-sensitive Dude and I wanted to “protect” myself against other heartbreaking love stories…
Second, the LOVE one is on my left hand, the one of the heart. And the FUCK one his on the right hand which represents the military salute and the fighting fist to me.
Third, when I reverse my hands (left/right) or put’em in front of me, it says LOVE FUCK, ‘koz Hell yeah ‘am heart-sensitive but I still luv’ action !
Fourth, I always had in memories the Robert Mitchum’s LOVE/HATE “tattoo” I saw in The Night Of The Hunter when I woz a child…
There’s sum’ other meanings for my knukles’tattoo to me, like FUCK is my favorite word in the world; bu’ I keep’em for my LOVErz..!
-Bob SLEG.

Check out his shop at: or


Today’s knuckles come all the way from Santa Clara, CA, courtesy of Nicole S. When I asked her why she picked FUCK LOVE this is what she told me:

I picked FUCK LOVE because of everything I have loved that fucked me over in return. Plus I just had a really bad breakup and was over the pain that love seems to bring me.