Squirrel of the ever-excellent Cycling Tattoo Gallery just sent use these beauties. Keep up the good work brother! His story:

Yo my brutha, finally got around to getting my knuckles done. Ride Free is the phrase I choose for my love of bicycles. There is nowhere our 2 wheeled steeds can’t take us. Whether it be though someone’s yard, down some fast single track, many miles of pavement or just down memory lane to our childhood. “Ride Free” mates!



JR sends us these knuckles. They were tattooed at The Basement Ink in Oak Forest by Stacy.

I have LIVE FREE on my knuckles. To me this is a testement to living free, in more ways than one. Most importantly to me it means to not let any one or anything keep you from what you want. Your mind, body and soul are your’s and your’s only. The way you choose to live is up to you. Once I started to get tatted more and more everyone told me about the stigma of never going to find a job, and how it is not appropriate, and all that horse shit. So it was also my F**K off statement to all the haters. I think that tattoos are an amazing form of art work and I see my body as a canvass for and amazing artist. And it is reminder that I want to live free literally as in no JAIL for me. I did a short amount of time and the guards would always say how Ironic it was that my knuckles said LIVE FREE and I just called em douche bags and left it at that.


This great sentiment just came in:

My name is Nikki Lynn and these were done by Mark @ Exotic Ink in Conyers, GA.

The story behind them is 2 years ago when I was at a concert at Six Flags, there was a booth selling merchandise with “free hugs” on it. I bought a hat and t-shirt from them and wore them around the concert along with a few other people. There were tons of people that kept running up to me asking for hugs and it was so exciting. I still have that hat and shirt and occasionally wear them because I love getting hugs! I figured that if someone else was having a bad day, they could always use a hug, too. So I decided to get “free hugs” tattooed on my knuckles as a kind of permanent symbol since I can’t always wear my hat or shirt. :)