My name is Dave Bireley & I’m 48. I had wanted knuckle tattoos for quite awhile but as with any other tattoo I’ve ever gotten I’d know when the time was right & the phrase would be appropriate for me. I chose LIV4 2DAY as an inspirational reminder to make the most of each day I have. We never know which day will be our last. Over the years & very suddenly I’ve lost quite a few loved ones that were close to me. A Brother, best friend, dogs etcetera. The other reason I went with this phrase is to remind me that during good or tough times I need to remain thankful for each day.



Shaun P. sent these in a long time ago, I am just getting them up now… Here is the story:

I been through some crazy stuff. And done plenty of ignorant shit. I moved past a very unproductive and rough time in my life to pursue my art and tattooing full time. So, with that said I’m “2FAR GONE” to ever go back.

I work at “The Laughing Buddha Tattoo And Body Piercing” in Denison Texas. The Tattoos where done freehand by the owner Deveaux Richards.