Daniel B. sent us these tasty tattoos:

whats up, i am daniel brauch i have been cooking since i was fifteen years old (im 23 now) and i recently graduated culinary school and thought that  whatever i do and know matter what happens in my crazy ass life that i will always live a “cook life”. tats done by leopard larry at telepathic tattoo 502 onion st. austin tx.



Antwan says this is self explanatory.

UPDATE: Then today he sent me the explanation:

I got ‘Take That’ because people were always telling me that I couldn’t do something or I would never be able to do something.  My thought was…’the hell I can’t…watch me.’   So I guess it was kind of to rub it in peoples’ faces.  Plus I thought it was funny.


Meredith S. has this to say about her knuckle tattoos:

Early last year, I gave away most of my shit, filled up a backpack and started footing it down the road. I was hanging out with a lot of other traveling kids, and a lot of them had knuckle tats. They said things like “wanderer” and “vagabond”; “game over” and “love / hate” like you see all the time. Some were more creative. “Wingnut” and “Lousybum” were always my favorites. So I thought to myself, if I get this done, what will I put? I wanted an eight letter word, and I narrowed it down to “kindness” or “grateful.” I would have really liked “grateful” because of my love for the Dead, but ultimately “kindness” was a really good reminder to me of what I want my hands and my actions to accomplish. These are my favorite tattoos.


ROCK STARDro sends us this set of ROCK STAR knuckles:

I am the bass player for south florida’s Deadstar Assembly. In this email I have attached a photo of my knuckle tatt which reads “Rock Star”. A bunch of fans have been emailing me asking me to submit my photo to this site, so I figured I’d finally take a picture and send it in. Hope it goes to good use. You can check us out at and

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