Hello, my name is Ian and I’ve been following your site for a while, now I have a tattoo to submit.
‘such’ on my left knuckles, just got it 2 days ago.  Oddly I needed to argue my case to all the employees who worked there, and only reluctantly agreed to accept my money.
It’s my 3rd tattoo, but the first I’ve been immediately proud of.
The notion behind it, or what it means to me is the idea of the natural state of things, an acceptance of them based on the idea that ‘everything is necessary’.  Not in any eastern way, but in that perfection is the past, because it is static and unchangeable

Knuckle tattoos having trouble healing?

From the mail bag, Matt asks:

I have what may be a stupid question. Now I have a multitude of ink most recently decided to have my knuckles done. Since I’m a mechanic i was wearing latex gloves to keep my hands clean. Question being is it normal for a large portion or good portion of the ink to not be there any longer after my knuckles have healed? The black almost looks like pepper specks. None of my other bodily parts have had such a reaction.

Dear Matt,

Not a stupid question at all. In fact I hear this problem a lot from tattoo artists too. The combination of keeping the tattoo moist and warm lets a lot of the ink seep out during the healing process. It happens a lot. Might want to get them redone next time you have a few days off coming up so that the early stages of healing can get done before you are back in the gloves.

Thanks for asking,

Nathan Black
All knuckle tattoos, all the time.


Hi there, I’m Purple from Tulsa, Oklahoma and this is my 9th tattoo. It says ‘LIEBLING’ which is an older German word for ‘DARLING’. I chose it because of my love for the German language and also because it’s a word that isn’t really used very often anymore. It reminds me that although I would love to be someone’s ‘darling’  love is overrated and it can become as obsolete as the word liebling itsself.

For more fun,


Brandon Riquier of Richmond, VA sends us his knuckles and this message:

I had wanted “defeated” across my knuckles for quite a few years now and just recently decided to man up and do it. I was really tired of seeing overwhelmingly positive messages on knuckles and getting to know the people with them and realizing they were everything but. If anything I’m a realist, life doesn’t always go exactly the way you want it to. My tattoo says that – very clearly.