Hey y’all…

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last week or so. I just moved in with my lady friend, and I’m still working on finding my computer and a wall plug. It will be a bit longer before I’m rocking the site again. But rest assured I’ve got some good ones on the way. Thanks to everyone who is sending in your pictures and stories, the will be up as I get the time together.




In Keith’s own words:

This is a knuckle tattoo I just recently got. I got it because I wanted my tattoo to have some meaning to it yet sound cool. Give and take is how life works and you can relate the tattoo to a lot of stuff. You give your time for work and you take money. You give your money to a store and you take your TV. It reminds me of the sacrifice you have to put in to get a gain, with everything really.


Looks like Spud (VACATION) has already been spreading the word. The day his knuckles posted I get these knuckles from his friend Andrew C.

This is what Andrew has to say:

I am a touring guy as well, tour managing and running sound for bands far and near. I have worked for The Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation, Dropping Daylight, Panic Cell, Nonpoint, Sevendust, etc…

I got “HOMEWARD” because it is my favorite place to be. Granted I get bored real quick but that is where my wife and son are and thats good enough for me. So even my first day out on tour is one day closer to being home!

I like that these came in back to back. Two different ways of looking at a similar journey.


These knuckle tattoos can be found touring the world on a guy called Spud. He is a tour manager and sound guy for bands including Terror, American Headcharge, BloodSimple, and God Forbid. His next tour will be with Bury Your Dead.
Here is what he says about his knuckle tattoo:

It says “VACATION” cause my life is a vacation. When I work I tour and do sound and when I’m home I do nothing.

If you want to find where his vacation will take him next check the myspace.