Just got this update from Richard Baggett. I had taken his picture at the Lonestar Round Up and he wanted to add his story to his knuckles:

I’m an Artist Blacksmith in Fort Worth,Texas.
I’ve allways worked with my hands. A skill I thank my grandfathers for. Working with metal has always been my favorite medium. Several years ago a great guy introduced me to Blacksmithing.
Now I build hand forged sculptures. Hence the tattoo “HAND MADE”.


Here is Cody White, and here is his story:

i work in body shop full of mexicans and i’m the only white dude there.  they call me milkweed refering to the character in blood in blood out.  when my mom called me milkweed for the first time i knew it was time to get the tat done.

i had them done at diablo rojo by doug curtis, in austin texas.


Here is a set of knuckles about life’s ups and downs. But don’t take my word for it. Here is what John Huber has to say about them:

My name is John Huber, and I’m a professional yo-yo player out of Seattle, Washington.  I’ve been playing with yo-yos for going on 8 years now, have won a couple of contests, and even managed to land a clothing sponsorship.  Yo-yos aren’t just a toy to someone like me.  It’s an art form.  It’s how I meditate.  It’s what I was put here to do.

If you want to see a couple of my videos, you can find them on my MySpace page.

And for the record, if it wasn’t for me watching Tommy Smothers when I was a kid, I don’t think I would’ve picked up a yo-yo when I got older.  The Yo-Yo Man made it look like it was the cool thing to do.


This great sentiment just came in:

My name is Nikki Lynn and these were done by Mark @ Exotic Ink in Conyers, GA.

The story behind them is 2 years ago when I was at a concert at Six Flags, there was a booth selling merchandise with “free hugs” on it. I bought a hat and t-shirt from them and wore them around the concert along with a few other people. There were tons of people that kept running up to me asking for hugs and it was so exciting. I still have that hat and shirt and occasionally wear them because I love getting hugs! I figured that if someone else was having a bad day, they could always use a hug, too. So I decided to get “free hugs” tattooed on my knuckles as a kind of permanent symbol since I can’t always wear my hat or shirt. :)