Another youth getting their knuckles done. And look at those bare arms! Maybe I’m getting too old.

Hey, name’s Kirsten, 19, and I’m from Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Just done today!  My tattoo means a few different things to me.  I’m a feminist.  I’m an Atheist.  I’m an American.  That’s pretty much the gist of it.  Thanks – I dig the site!


Luck be a lady tonight! Nikita N. sends us this photo and her story:

I am a tattooist from N.Ireland, so getting my fingers tattooed wasn’t that big of a step for me. It was however – Painful!
The idea of text came from my love of old school tattoo concepts i.e. The lady luck, mans ruin etc.
Also, many people I know say I am their ‘Little lady luck’, because the things I want to happen generally come to me quite easily. Although, i’m not sure if thats luck or just sheer hard work – You choose. =]

All knuckle tattoos, all the time